Interview Training

Screenloop works with talent and hiring teams globally to train interviewers with personalised AI-driven training modules. 70% of interviewers in your process have likely had no or limited interviewer training. We fix that.

Save time and train interviewers faster

Screenloop allows talent and hiring teams globally to hire the best candidates by offering incredible interviews. New or existing interviewers in your process could be underselling your amazing roles or company vision. We help ramp interviewers faster and remove bad candidate experience from interviews.

Hours of content, plus your own strategic sessions

Screenloop has pre-built training from the world's best interview experts. Content includes topics on DEI, interview prep, candidate experience training, questioning, and selling the role. Screenloop customers also have the ability to upload their own training sessions with the click of a button.

Start your interviewer training within minutes and improve your candidate experience.

Train your interviewers

Learn how to become an effective interviewer

Insights on training engagement

No more guess work on who has listened to your training with data and insights

Save more time

With prebuilt training modules, save valuable time and see the benefits

Join these leading brands using the Screenloop platform

"Screenloop has become an integral part of our hiring process. We see less candidate drop-off and we can optimize our approach to beat our competitors to the candidates we actually want to hire."

Mary Eagan

Head of Talent

"We are striving to provide a fair and even process for all candidates and Screenloop helps us accomplish that with the oversight to monitor our recruitment process."

Ebe Porter

Head of Talent

"The platform is very easy to use, and integrates well with our ATS. It also helped reduce the time for senior leaders to have to interview every candidate by being tagged in key moments."


Chief People Officer

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