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Optimise your interview process, automate outdated steps and efficiently source
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Features of the product of ScreenLoop, the intelligence platform

Optimize the steps in your interview process

Screenloop Interview allows businesses to reduce candidate drop off by recording, transcribing and coaching during interviews.

Our technology allows hiring managers and leadership to collaborate and agree on hiring decisions efficiently, removing the need for repetitive interviews and frustrated candidates.

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Increase DEI in your business

Did you know that the majority of us make a decision on hiring someone within 30 seconds of meeting them? Also we don't ask the same questions to people applying for the same role?

In turn, we do not give them a fair interview and give them an opportunity to shine. Our Interview intelligence product ensures that we ask similar questions and keep consistent. In addition, we can track to see if we are giving the candidate enough time to speak.

Increase employee retention by 10%

Screenloop Interview ensures that you ask the right questions in the interview and therefore attract the right people for your business. This means no more bad hires and failed employee probations.

Screenloop Reference will tell your team the strengths and weaknesses of your next hire. All their skills are graded which means that hiring managers know which areas to work on and ensure they are successful.

Your hiring decisions finally based on objective reality, rather than subjective opinions & gut feelings. ScreenLoop.
Screenloop Source

Increase the number of candidates with our automated smart sourcing tool and fill your open roles faster.

ScreenLoop creates transcripts and highlights during the interview, so you can focus on the candidate. ScreenLoop.
Screenloop Interview

Create great interviews for both your team and the candidate and onboard new internal talent specialists faster.

When it's time to make a decision, compare candidates side by side to support your decision. ScreenLoop.
Screenloop Analytics

Use our analytics to ensure every hiring manager has the information to make the right decision every time and that every hire is a success.

Perfect your interview skills with realtime data and prompts as well as team coaching capabilities. ScreenLoop.
Screenloop Reference

Provide your team with real value from references and have this completely automated saving your team hours.

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HR-Tool & ATS integrations

Connect Screenloop with your existing tools

Screenloop integrates with your  HR tools to enable a seamless workflow.

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