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Every hire is critical. Power decisions with objective data.

Enrich your hiring strategy with predictive analytics and feel confident that your hires are well-positioned for success. Empower employees to reach top levels of performance, faster.

Start by turning your candidates into ambassadors, promoters and knowledge sharers

Woman recieves a text from Screenloop, requestion feeddback regaring the application processText message bubble saying: Hi Rachel, How did you find the application process? We care a lot about candidate experience and appreciate you taking a few minutes to let us know. 

Thank you!
Woman hand holding an smartphone, in the screen shows a feedback / survey that prompts user to rate the interview experience.Screenshot from Screenloop product showcasing Overall CNPS, 20% detractors, 34% neutrals, 46% promotors

Upskill your interviewers and new hiring managers with engaging pre-built training modules

Top interviewers get candidates excited about your company, culture and roles, but not everyone is as skilled at it as they should be. Our training product allows you to ramp up new interviewers faster with training modules on key topics such as DEI.

Product Screenshot of latest sessions on training.
Real time feedback, product screenshot showing bars and charts with data regarding the candidates.

Real time feedback from candidates

By getting real time feedback from candidates Talent teams can make data-driven decisions about how to improve their hiring processes. Unlock more hires from your existing pipeline and understand more than ever before. Track how your candidate Net Promoter Score changes over time and fix any issues.

Product screenshot showing Modern shadowing feature by Screenloop.

Modern shadowing to save you time

Screenloop trains your managers and recruiters to deliver great interviews and gives you access to a new way to shadow to track adoption. Ramp new interviewers 3x faster and reduce candidate drop off based on bad interview experiences.

Product screenshot of a candidate overview

Deliver a great experience beyond the start date and ramp faster

The traditional reference process is old and provides no value. Screenloop focuses on uncovering soft skill attributes of new employees so they can be onboarded faster and more effectively. We also unlock a new sourcing channel for talent teams through smart automation. 

Our clients achieve


less candidate drop off


less offers rejected


reduced time to hire


less manual tasks


Connect Screenloop with your existing tools

Screenloop integrates with your existing talent tech stack to ensure no behavioural change is needed to maximize the impact of our technology for your business.

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