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Start by turning your candidates into ambassadors, promoters and knowledge sharers

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The candidate and interview insights you need to hit hiring targets

Reduce candidate drop off and hit your hiring targets by leveraging Screenloop to deliver an amazing candidate experience.

Fully integrated with your ATS, Screenloop brings data and benchmarks to every step of your hiring process. Enabling talent teams to track, analyse and compare candidate experience across teams, regions and the entire recruitment process.

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Real time feedback from candidates

By getting real time feedback from candidates, Talent teams can make data-driven decisions about how to improve their hiring processes. 

Unlock more hires from your existing pipeline so “find more candidates” is not the only strategy to hit your hiring targets.

Track how your Candidate Net Promoter Score changes over time and benchmark departments against your company's targets so you can address areas for improvement with all the relevant stakeholders.

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Effective interviews that everyone enjoys

Screenloop trains your managers and recruiters to deliver great interviews. Top interviewers get candidates excited about your company, culture and roles. 

Empower your team to deliver fair, effective and consistent interviews to hit your DEI objectives. Give every candidate, no matter their background, the same opportunity to shine. 

Agree on hiring decisions faster, removing the need for repetitive interviews and frustrated candidates.

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Deliver a great experience beyond the start date

The traditional reference process is old and provides little to no value. Screenloop focuses on uncovering soft skill attributes of new employees so they can be onboarded faster and more effectively. We also unlock a new sourcing channel for talent teams through smart automation. 

Reduce your time to hire, reduce attrition rates and show your candidates that you prioritise their success and experience, even after they get offered the job.

Screenloop Impact

Improve your offer to hire ratio by improving your process and learnings through data. Gather realtime feedback directly from the candidates as they make their way through your hiring process. Then action change to increase Glassdoor reviews!

Screenloop Interview

Create great interviews for both your team and the candidate and achieve a 90% interview satisfaction score in less than 90 days. Help remove unconcious bias and friction in the interview process with our interview intelligence technology.

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Gather realtime feedback directly from the candidates as they make their way through your hiring process with industry leading completion rates. Then action change to increase Glassdoor reviews!

Screenloop Success

We have automated references and brought a modern twist to them with a 95% completion rate in less than 24 hours. Focused on soft skills to reduce new hire ramp time, and a new sourcing channel make this high impact.

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Screenloop integrates with Google Meet
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Screenloop integrates with Google Meet
Screenloop offers custom integrations
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HR-Tool & ATS integrations

Connect Screenloop with your existing tools

Screenloop integrates with your existing talent tech stack to ensure no behavioural change is needed to maximize the impact of our technology for your business.

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Never miss your hiring targets again.

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