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Interview Intelligence

Screenloop empowers talent and hiring teams globally to make faster hiring decisions whilst still ensuring a fair, consistent, and great interview experience with Interview Intelligence. Make great hiring decisions, faster.

Interview Intelligence

Save time and hire faster, with no compromise

Screenloop allows talent and hiring teams globally to hire the best candidates by offering incredible interviews. Talent and hiring teams can make faster interview decisions with clarity, and no longer just gut feel.

Remove unconscious bias, and collaborate better

30% of interviewers make a decision within the first 5 minutes of joining an interview. Often driven by unconscious (or conscious) bias, hiring decisions are not always well informed. Interview intelligence enables better collaboration and team work on candidates.

Interview Intelligence Benefits

Hire faster

Screenloop allows you to make faster decisions on candidates

Real time coaching

Interview intelligence gives real time coaching to interviewers

Collaborate on decisions

Unsure on a candidates level or suitability for the role? We fix that.

May 25, 2022

"Such a useful tool with limitless potential"

I no longer have to decide between engaging with the candidate and taking detailed notes. If I want to play back an interview to listen again to a key answer it's easy. Getting stats on my performance as an interviewer is also really valuable.

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May 18, 2022

"Saved a lot of time & improved our hiring process"

With Screenloop, companies can for the first time objectively understand the quality of their end to end hiring process through analytics and competitor benchmarking. With new insights, you can now source, interview and onboard talent more efficiently, strategically and fairly. Simultaneously, we enable you to listen to candidate feedback proactively to improve the overall candidate experience, turning all applicants into ambassadors rather than detractors, allowing your employer brand to remain a positive differentiator in the recruitment process.

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