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Interviewer Shadowing

Screenloop works with talent and hiring teams globally to train and upskill interviewers 3x faster than traditional onboarding. Screenloops Interviewer Shadowing saves you 70% of your time when reviewing interviews.

Interviewer Shadowing

Save time when shadowing new interviewers

No longer do talent leaders need to spend hours upon hours shadowing interviews. By leveraging Screenloops technology, you can turn a 60 minute interview into the key 15 minute highlights, all through AI.

Upskill interviewers faster, hire better

Screenloops platform allows new interviewers to be fully ramped faster than any other traditional method. Automated and engaging, Screenloops training and shadowing technology makes ramping new interviewers easier. Compare great interviews and bad interviews with the click of a button.

Interviewer Shadowing Benefits

Train your interviewers

Offer the best interview experience to all candidates

Save your valuable time

Shadow 4 interviews in the same period of time that you would normally review 1

Shadow globally

Shadow easily across offices and locations. Ensure levelling is correct.

January 23, 2022

"Supercharge your hiring process"

I love being able to listen back to interviews to ensure we are giving candidates a fair and unbiased opportunity. We've changed our interview process for 2022 and wouldn't have been able to do it without Screenloop.

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May 25, 2022

"Such a useful tool with limitless potential"

I no longer have to decide between engaging with the candidate and taking detailed notes. If I want to play back an interview to listen again to a key answer it's easy. Getting stats on my performance as an interviewer is also really valuable.

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