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Indeed Flex Achieves 50% Faster Hiring and Cost Savings

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I would never even look at any other tool because Screenloop does what it does better than anyone else.

Sarah Lamontagne

Global Head of Talent Acquisition

In a rapidly evolving job market, Indeed Flex, a revolutionary app for temporary work, understands the critical importance of efficient and effective talent acquisition. This case study delves into how Screenloop's innovative solutions not only streamlined their hiring processes but also drove significant cost savings, enabled professional development, improved metrics, and solidified a partnership built on exceptional support. Through the insights of Sarah Lamontagne, the Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Indeed Flex, we explore the profound impact of Screenloop's tools and the strength of collaboration.

A 50% Reduction in Interview Stages

Indeed Flex faced the challenge of managing seven to nine interview stages, a time-consuming and costly process. Sarah Lamontagne, Global Head of Talent Acquisition, reflects on their initial situation, stating, "We had about seven to nine interview stages, which was enormous. We were having so many candidates drop out; it shouldn't take us 12 to 14 weeks. It was a mess; it was absolute chaos.”

The challenge was evident—excessive stages were causing an unnecessarily long time-to-fill and a concerning drop-off rate. Sarah elaborated, "We noticed a significant drop-off in candidates, particularly around the fourth to seventh stage, and we couldn't pinpoint the issue. I knew something had to change." Upon adopting Candidate Pulse feedback, they identified the problem: the prolonged interview process. Recognizing the need for change, Sarah's team turned to Screenloop's Interview Intelligence to address the issue, significantly reducing interview stages and enhancing hiring efficiency.

Realising Cost Savings & Efficiency

The time factor was a major concern, as interviews were being conducted at varying levels, including those that could have been handled by mid-level personnel. "For a start-up scale-up where everyone has to get involved, there's only a certain amount that a VP should be involved in,” Sarah explained. “The costs involved for him to be involved in minor to mid-level interviews were substantial."

Furthermore, the lack of new hires meant that existing team members had to allocate their time to the recruitment cycle, causing a decline in day-to-day productivity and affecting the delivery of products and engineering tasks. These delays impeded the team’s ability to achieve their organisational objectives, impacting the overall success of the business.

"I don't have to sit in on hundreds and hundreds of hours of interviews. I can literally just watch the recording on my way to work, on the train, on the tube. Check the AI Summaries- the time that it has saved is ridiculous. I would rave to the moon and back about just that alone in itself."

Screenloop's Interview Intelligence not only streamlined the process but also significantly reduced costs. Key stakeholders no longer needed to attend every interview, reviewing transcripts or relevant clips instead. "From the get-go, we immediately reduced our interview stages by 50%. It was an immediate cost-saving measure," states Sarah, highlighting Screenloop's impact on recruitment.

Enhancing Candidate Experience: A 39% Improvement in CNPS

Moreover, Screenloop's data-driven approach allowed for the improvement of metrics, particularly in candidate experience. "The CNPS scores went up and up in strength," says Sarah. "It's just being able to really find these clues about where you're going wrong and fundamentally, how can we make that better?"

Indeed Flex recognised the importance of providing a superior candidate experience, especially in a candidate-led market. To achieve this, they needed efficient hiring and the development of hiring managers. Sarah explains, "It's not just about hiring; it's about hiring the right people and the right brand ambassadors who will provide a great candidate experience."

"Screenloop really empowers us to pick out brand ambassadors without ever actually going into interviews. That's a game-changer," says Sarah, highlighting the ability to identify strong candidates without attending interviews.

Empowering Hiring Manager Development

Sarah recognised the critical importance of empowering hiring managers to ensure an exceptional candidate experience. She aimed to have clear oversight into interview conversations, particularly focusing on what hiring managers were asking and how candidates were experiencing the process. 

Screenloop's Interview Intelligence emerged as the driving force behind enhancing the interviewing skills of hiring managers at Indeed Flex. Through the provision of data-driven insights into their interviewing techniques, it has not only fostered their development but also ensured a consistent and high-standard approach. Sarah passionately expresses, "Screenloop empowers us to be better without micromanaging," underscoring how Screenloop promotes development without the need for intensive oversight. In Sarah's words, "I cannot explain how much of a game-changer that is as a head of TA. It's kind of like, how can we be Big Brother without being Big Brother?"

This powerful tool revolutionises the way managers approach interviews, optimising their effectiveness and ensuring the best-fit candidates are selected. By offering valuable data right in front of hiring managers during development discussions, it simplifies the process of improving interview techniques. As Sarah puts it, "Having that data from Screenloop literally in front of them while talking through it just makes it so much easier."

The Power of Partnership: Screenloop's Exceptional Support

Indeed Flex's partnership with Screenloop extends beyond exceptional solutions, with an outstanding customer success team and a proactive product team that contribute to their continued success.

In addition to its impressive solutions, Indeed Flex found an invaluable partnership in Screenloop's customer success team. Sarah warmly describes her professional relationship with Screenloop’s Senior Customer Success Manager, Saoirse Ward: “She understands our needs as a business but also my needs as a [Talent Acquisition] function. She's so brilliant at what she does, and she is always there when you need her. I just love Saoirse."

Screenloop's product team also plays a pivotal role in tailoring solutions to meet Indeed Flex's specific needs. Sarah elaborates, "It's not just Anton; it's not just Saoirse; it's not just product. [Screenloop] covers the range of different products. If there is something that I need, it's like, 'Get on the phone to Nuno, and he's like, 'I'm already developing that.' Brilliant, tell me when it's ready."


Screenloop's Interview Intelligence and comprehensive suite of tools transformed Indeed Flex's talent acquisition, enhancing candidate experience, and saving both time and costs. In the words of Sarah Lamontagne, "I without a doubt wouldn't even flinch about anybody saying, 'You should go to Screenloop again.' I would never even look at any other tool because Screenloop does what it does better than anyone else."

Sarah emphasises that Screenloop takes a comprehensive approach to talent, retention, people, culture, HR, cNPS, employee engagement, learning & development, and everything in between. It effortlessly addresses all these areas, providing a user-friendly experience that is both convenient and accessible.

To experience similar results, contact Screenloop today. As Sarah puts it, "It's a no-brainer. What are your reasons for not having it?"

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