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The AI Notetaker that works for you

Never take interview notes again. Boost productivity with auto-generated candidate summaries and effortless scorecard completion.
Comprehensive Interview Summaries: Transforms interviews into concise notes tailored for your scorecards
Power up your hiring: Streamline your teams decisions, and cut excess rounds with confidence & efficiency
Focus on Interactions: Enhances quality of interactions by reducing administrative tasks
Rated 4.9/5 from G2 reviews.

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Goodbye manual notes. Let us handle the heavy lifting.

As simple as copy & paste. Effortlessly fill in your scorecards.

Streamline Interview Feedback with AI
Collaborate with Ease
Promote decision-making based on interview transcripts or key clips, not guesswork.
Streamline Feedback
Provide your hiring team with tangible evidence and insights from each interview

Customers are using Screenloop to upgrade the candidate experience.

Offer a more inclusive and consistent interview process. Gather real-time feedback from all key stakeholders and objectively compare candidates side-by-side.

Make interviewing easier.

Let us show you how Screenloop can take your interviewing to new heights.
Rated 4.9/5 from G2 reviews.