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Quality of Hire: Everything You Need To Know

Get started with measuring ‘Quality of Hire’ easily and uncover new insights into the talent makeup of your organisation. 

Implementing quality of hire: what, why, and how?

A step-by-step guide on adopting, measuring, targeting, and optimising quality of hire across all key departments

Learn how top teams can successfully navigate 2023

Explore different scenarios side-by-side with talent & people teams, executive leaders and hiring managers.

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Unlock potential with free OKRs tailored to each department involved

“It’s a challenging time. This means we have to really focus in on the quality of every candidate and what they can add to the current team.”

Dave Richardson

Director of Recruitment at Monzo

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What's included?

See what's inside our Quality of Hire Guide

This guide breaks down the complexity of quality of hire and shares a framework to make more consistent, strategic and successful hiring and onboarding decisions in your organisation.

Leading recruitment metric of 2023

In order to minimise risk, talent, people and executive teams will turn to the most powerful predictor of performance: quality of hire.

Predict the hiring outcomes that matter

Read on for our common standard and methodology for defining, measuring, and enhancing quality of hire.

Unlock your team's maximum potential

Adopt innovative technology solutions to minimise bias, cost and establish a feedback loop of objective performance data. 

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