Screenloop Raises $7M Seed

Led by Stride VC with participation from Ludlow Ventures, All Iron Ventures, Passion Capital and angel investor Paul Forster.
September 6, 2022
Screenloop Raises $7M Seed

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Screenloop is a London-based hiring intelligence platform that has raised $7m in seed funding to help companies avoid "bad hires" by providing post-interview data analytics, candidate feedback, and real-time coaching for interviewers. The platform aims to help companies pinpoint areas of improvement in their hiring process and reduce the amount of candidates leaving the recruitment process. Screenloop's platform provides interview recordings, transcriptions, and real-time prompts to help recruiters hire faster and at scale while maintaining quality. The company will use the funding to invest more in its various products, with the aim of delivering a platform that covers the hiring process end-to-end and will continue its expansion into the US and new markets.