How Businesses Can Optimise Hiring Processes

Benefits and tips for using process optimisation tools to improve small business hiring processes.
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August 17, 2023
How Businesses Can Optimise Hiring Processes

Business leaders have many daily processes to manage, each one of which takes time and resources. As small business leaders wear these multiple hats throughout their workday, they must find a way to optimize their tasks. Hiring is one area where specialised software can help improve effectiveness and efficiency without compromising other business workflows. Read on to learn how optimising your hiring process can save valuable time and money.

Why Do Small Business Leaders Struggle to Allocate Enough Resources for Hiring?

Most small businesses don’t have the budget for a dedicated HR team, so business owners often end up taking on HR responsibilities themselves. HR tasks can be complex and time-consuming, which may result in business owners overlooking them or putting them aside while they address other pressing matters. After all, there is only so much a small team can do. But ignoring HR issues can result in a high turnover rate, employee dissatisfaction, and even legal penalties. 

Attracting and hiring talent is one of the most common HR challenges small businesses face. In the U.S., 42% of small businesses have vacancies they are struggling to fill. 

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In these tough financial times, small businesses leaders are trying to retain talent and use creative solutions to decrease hiring costs. According to a survey by Skynova, the main strategy they use is lowering costs by increasing retention efforts

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How Businesses Are Using Digital Solutions to Improve HR Processes

Small businesses leaders are realising they can lower costs while still being efficient by optimising their HR processes like case management, payroll, support, and training. 

Business optimisation tools can improve resource efficiency in tasks that are otherwise time-consuming, like: 

  • Legal compliance 
  • Ticketing and employee complaints
  • Documentation
  • Taxes
  • Payroll
  • Reference Checks
  • Time tracking and time management 

5 Benefits of Using Optimisation Tools 

Although many small business owners tend to manage their HR processes by themselves, DIY is not for everyone. As soon as there are more than a couple of employees, the tasks can become almost impossible to manage effectively without the help of some tools. 

HR optimisation tools help simplify many processes, freeing up time for overwhelmed business owners. Some benefits of implementing process optimisation tools include: 

Streamlining Employee Management Processes 

Tools can streamline time-tracking policies and management. Daily jobs such as scheduling can be automated, easing the burden on HR personnel. 

Annual processes such as managing paid time off, vacation requests, and taxes can be all-consuming, taking time away from other responsibilities. Software tools can automate most of these processes, relieving HR from the bulk of these tasks. 

Ensuring Compliance With Laws and Work Regulations

Small businesses may find it challenging to stay abreast of and keep up with changing compliance requirements. When it’s not possible to expand the HR department, using tools like HR management software can take the burden off HR departments and business owners while ensuring the organisation is in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. HR tools can cover many of the time-consuming tasks of HR, like checking references and carrying out background checks.  

Accelerating HR Strategy and Decision Making

HR software tools provide visibility over schedule dashboards and reports, giving HR departments a baseline of what’s going on in the company. Analysing these indicators can give business owners the insights they need to optimize their human resources strategy, so they know which human resources processes need to be optimised and how. For instance, use a  Quality of Hire solution, which evaluates candidates' skills, qualifications, and suitability, giving insights that help the selection process. 

Automating the Hiring Process 

Process optimisation can also streamline many aspects of the hiring process, such as: 

  • Collecting applications and assessing candidate suitability
  • CV and resume filtering
  • Pre-employment assessments for candidate screening
  • Streamline interviewing and collecting feedback
  • Negotiating offers

Repetitive, time-consuming tasks such as filling out paperwork, conducting background checks, and processing applications can be automated using optimisation solutions. 

Improving Training Programs 

Training is not only a part of onboarding — it’s also essential to keep staff up to date with the latest trends and policies. Investment in ongoing employee development is also a critical factor in employee retention and attracting potential hires. Some HR solutions simplify designing and implementing engaging training programs that can position you as an employer of choice when it comes to hiring and retaining employees. For instance, you can empower your interviewers with training that helps them add the right questions to discover top-tier candidates.

6 HR Technology Trends to Look for in 2023

Technology is helping HR teams and businesses to improve their processes in almost every aspect of human resources. Some of the trends that are becoming more popular in HR technology include: 

Efficient Learning

Platforms for self-paced and skill-based learning help employees advance in their career development. 

Employee Wellness 

HR tech has several tools that address different areas of employee well-being ranging from weekly wellness checks, mood boards, and different apps for relaxation and work-life balance. Investing in employee well-being is known to improve productivity and performance. 

Artificial Intelligence 

AI is perhaps the most influential technology revolutionising HR systems and practices. The applications are endless, from automating time tracking to providing real-time insights on resource performance. 

Candidate & Employee Engagement

Some HR tools streamline feedback and reporting systems. A transparent feedback procedure helps build candidate & employee engagement and trust using a fair feedback loop. Also, by implementing online anonymous reporting, HR increases employee trust that their concerns will be taken care of without fear of repercussions. 

Time Tracking

Technology has advanced far beyond manual punch cards and timesheets. Organisations of all sizes are realising the advantages of time tracking and management automation. These tools reduce errors and relieve the burden on HR teams. 

Flexible Staff Management 

With more companies having flexible hours and hybrid and temporary workers in their ranks, it’s no surprise that many HR solutions are expanding to address the needs of these workforces. Some HR management solutions specialise in flex workforces, while others address a combination of both salaried and temporary staff. 

How Process Optimisation Can Help Small Businesses Improve Hiring Performance in 2023

Most small organisations take a DIY hiring approach to save on the cost of hiring or outsourcing recruitment. However, small business resources can be limited, and spending time and money writing recruitment ads, screening resumes, and coordinating interviews could be better spent on growing your business. 

Optimising HR processes and streamlining hiring frees up time for small business owners to invest in core activities and development. 

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