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Reachdesk implemented quality control across their talent lifecycle

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"Screenloop offers deeper insights into a candidates’ likelihood for success. This quality assurance for our hiring decisions is essential."

Alex Olley

Co-Founder & CRO

Founded in 2016, Reachdesk skyrocketed to become the 5th fastest tech company in Europe after raising a massive $49 million funding. Like many businesses that scale this quickly, this company knew they had to take measures to tackle employee turnover issues and ensure that Glassdoor reviews stayed optimal. They also recognised the need to attract a diverse range of talent and remain diligent about selecting only the most qualified individuals.

With a growing team of 250 employees, Reachdesk faced the challenge of lacking interview intelligence to effectively assess and benchmark candidates on their relevant attributes. Quality assurance for hiring decisions was virtually impossible without valuable data from the interviewing process – or feedback that could be leveraged in order to improve it. To make matters worse, candidate reviews were only collected after an employee had already been hired - thus eliminating any unbiased insights gleaned from applicants.

Without insights into candidates' attributes or feedback from applicants on the interview process itself, they lacked data that could be used to assess quality-of-hire and explain why certain hires worked out better than others. This all changed once an effective system for gathering intelligence during the hiring process was put in place - such as capturing detailed candidate reviews throughout the recruitment journey, key data points from interviews, and insights from referencing.

How Screenloop helped

After implementing Candidate Pulse, Reachdesk quickly found out that a lengthy process and a lack of comprehensive interviewer training were hurting their cNPS score. Prior to using Screenloop, it was difficult to accurately access DEI metrics, but they could now deep dive into where different demographics were disengaging from the process and identify potential causes based on feedback patterns. Armed with this knowledge, Reachdesk took action to revamp its recruitment capabilities and workplace flexibility so they could attract better top talent and avoid missing out on great people.

To improve their cNPS scores, they knew better interviewer training and automation would be necessary as hiring managers faced time pressures with 10-20 interviews per week becoming commonplace.

The interview training and Interview Intelligence tools created a new pool of better-prepared interviewers, thereby reducing the workload for Reachdesk's TA team. After 90 days, they saw an impressive 3 point jump in their cNPS score from 5.5 to 8.5 - suggesting that candidates had been having more positive interviewing experiences.

Following this success, when it came time to scale up to 300 employees, Reachdesk's CTO and CRO wanted to maintain visibility so that they could verify that coding and sales skills were reaching expected standards. Yet, neither executive had enough hours available to do this the traditional way and the TA team didn’t want the best candidates to lose interest.

With Interview Intelligence enabled however, snippets of interviews involving live code assessments or presentations became easily accessible, allowing for quick, yet accurate feedback from the executives to the hiring teams. It provided executives all necessary information, skipping past tedious review times altogether, and ultimately accelerated time-to-hire.

In order to ensure Quality of Hire, Reachdesk employed Candidate Success - a valuable resource that collects comprehensive feedback from employers on areas of candidates' strengths and areas of improvement. This cross-referenced with interview data allowed hiring managers to quickly customise onboarding plans suitable for each individual hire to help them reach their peak potential at work with minimum delay.

To ensure the success of their recruitment strategy, a Quality of Hire scoring tool was used to identify and quantify markers for top quality hires. By learning which techniques and attributes (per role) led to successful placements (in which the hire stayed on board and progressed further within the company) and which led to poor hires. This enabled the TA team to define what 'quality' means in practice and measure it effectively - thereby allowing them to demonstrate tangible value-added contributions within the company's broader operations.

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