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Choco improves Candidate NPS by 26% with Screenloop

Food ordering platform connecting restaurants and suppliers




B2B Software


Berlin, Germany

"Before these insights, I don't think the wider team fully appreciated the impact that each interview had on shaping our company's overall perception."

Zack Clark


Choco, a Berlin-based food ordering platform connecting restaurants and suppliers, faced significant challenges with their previous candidate survey solution, which had a very low response rate and was very inflexible. Zack Clark, Recruiter in charge of Global Candidate Experience programs at Choco, revealed that their survey was not effective with its low 12 to 13% response rate, as there was not enough data to make any significant changes. This left Choco struggling to gather meaningful information and make informed decisions regarding improving their candidate experience.

To overcome these challenges, Choco adopted Screenloop's Candidate Pulse, which allowed them to gather important data and learn more about what candidates really thought about their interview process. Equipped with this valuable feedback, Choco was able to identify specific areas for improvement and give candidates a truly first-rate experience. 

However, there was another challenge that Choco faced - getting the wider leadership team to understand the importance of the interview process. Clark explained that the impact of each interview on the company's overall reputation was not fully appreciated. 

"Before these insights, I don't think the wider team fully appreciated the impact that each interview had on shaping our company's overall perception," remarked Clark. 

By sharing the data collected through Candidate Pulse, Clark was able to demonstrate just how critical the way they conduct interviews is in shaping how candidates perceive the organisation, and the lasting impact it could have on the employer brand and overall hiring success.

How Screenloop helped

By adopting Screenloop's Candidate Pulse, Choco has revolutionised their recruitment process, turning it into a positive and effective experience for both candidates and recruiters. The response rate to candidate pulse surveys skyrocketed by an impressive 31% at its peak, a vast improvement from their previous solution. Through reviewing the Candidate Pulse data, Choco's recruiters were able to identify specific areas for improvement for their hiring process, such as personalising the content for each role and setting more specific and even clearer expectations for candidates.

Low lift changes that have a high impact on candidates
Despite the challenges of high-volume recruiting, Clark recognizes the critical role of personalised content in Choco's success. He explains, "In the day-to-day, we're doing such high-volume recruiting, and personalisation naturally takes a backseat to meeting our high targets and quotas." Fortunately, Screenloop's data has helped the team realise that minor modifications, such as tweaking a standard sentence here and there, can make all the difference in attracting top talent.

Although revamping the entire interview process may seem daunting, Clark suggests that simple, low-lift modifications, like tailoring standard sentences regarding the role or hiring manager, can significantly impact candidates. As he notes, "It's these little changes that mean the world to the candidates, and we're finally seeing that through the data." The impact of these small changes are becoming increasingly recognised, with data revealing their positive effect on the overall recruitment process.

Linking candidate experiences to company reputation
The insights gained from data analysis have provided Choco's leadership team with a new perspective on their recruitment process. He notes, "It's opened their eyes to things they may not have considered before." This new perspective has highlighted the crucial role of a positive candidate experience in shaping the company's reputation, both in terms of Glassdoor reviews and more broadly within the industry.

As Clark emphasises, "If Choco has a negative perception, it will be challenging to attract top talent. Therefore, it's crucial that we provide an exceptional candidate experience." The leadership team has recognised that attracting top talent is not just about finding the right person for the job but also creating a positive candidate experience that sets the stage for the company's longterm future success.

The result? A more thoughtful and effective interview process that benefits both the company and job candidates alike. These efforts demonstrate Choco's commitment to excellence and their willingness to evolve and adapt to meet the needs of both their candidates and the company as a whole.

Let’s talk results

By leveraging data collected from Candidate Pulse, Choco has seen how small process modifications, informed by candidate feedback, can significantly impact their overall reputation and success.

These changes have had a positive impact on the candidates and helped to boost their candidate NPS scores from 6.2 to 7.8.

Choco has had a positive experience working with Screenloop, with Clark expressing appreciation for Screenloop's Customer Success team. Clark notes that the team's attentiveness to Choco's needs makes them feel heard and valued. He states, "You're asking for our opinion on the product, and you really want to build a product around your customers. When we meet quarterly, you take an interest in what my goals are and give insights on how to use the tool better that specifically correlates with my goals. I think that's another plus on what you guys offer - it's a lot more hands-on and collaborative than a lot of other vendors out there."

Choco is thrilled to continue working with Screenloop and taking their hiring process to the next level. As Clark explains, "What we use Screenloop for is bringing [our hiring] to that next level...taking our hiring from a B+ to an A+." With Screenloop's support, Choco is well-positioned to maintain their status as an employer of choice and attract top talent to their organisation. The company's dedication to improving their hiring process through data-driven insights highlights their commitment to providing an exceptional candidate experience.

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