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How AssemblyAI Scaled Hiring +255% with Screenloop

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London, United Kingdom

“Our hiring processes scaled with the help of Screenloop’s AI models and intelligent features.”

Katie B

Tech Talent Lead

With its rapid growth, AssemblyAI needed a reliable way to quickly identify the right candidates for their multitude of open roles. With so many open roles across departments and teams, manually chasing down interview feedback and candidate references was becoming an unsustainable approach.

As Katie B., AssemblyAI’s Tech Talent Lead explained, they needed a way to scale this process successfully and speed up their hiring processes. As a result, AssemblyAI turned to Screenloop's Candidate Success and Interview Intelligence solutions, seeking a smoother process for interviewing and referencing potential hires, without sacrificing quality. “When we heard about your platform,” Katie B said, “we were extremely excited!”

How Screenloop helped

Reference checks were now being completed quickly and efficiently, eliminating tedious back-and-forth, shortening the process by days and saving substantial time when hiring at scale. "This is the best automated reference checker on the market,” said Katie B. “It has helped us get candidates through the pipeline faster and offers extended sooner.”

Further, Interview Intelligence automated the interview feedback loop, enabling greater collaboration among teams, and allowing swift evaluations of applicants with accuracy and confidence.

Let’s talk results

The team has seen a drastic 37% reduction in their time to offer, as well as an increase in productivity by using these solutions.

By automating much of the tedious and repetitive work of reference checks, the team has been freed up 3.5 hours per hire to focus on other tasks that have a further impact on their business.

With Screenloop's ability to cross-index references and interview data, they can rest easy knowing they are making informed decisions about their hires.

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