About Us

We have all been there.

Our mission is to build the infrastructure for talent that empowers every individual and organisation to succeed. A future in which every organisation has the talent they need and every individual has a job they love and deserve.

Backed by amazing investors


Meet our Founders

Anton Boner
Co-Founder / Commercial Director

Ex Stack Overflow EMEA/APAC Country Manager

Rodrigo Santos
Co-Founder / Head of Engineering

Ex Data Lead at Clearscore

Joao Leal
Co-Founder / Head of Data Science

Ex AI Lead at Revolut

Nuno Saldanha
Co-Founder / Head of Product

Ex Product Manager at TalkDesk

How we work is just as important as the product we are building.

We make the process fun and engaging
We want our users to grow with our team
We want everyone to be given a fair chance
We push boundaries and dream big

Trust your recruitment process and make better hiring decisions for future success

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