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About us

We are Screenloop and this is our story so far

Our Co-Founders were all hiring managers and we were all candidates at some point. We knew the process wasn’t perfect but it was so difficult to track and measure. We knew there was a lack of visibility and insight into what to improve and where to focus energy as a talent function. We wanted to turn more candidates into ambassadors and remove the friction from the hiring process. That's why we built Screenloop.

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Our values

At Screenloop, how we work is just as important as the product we are building. We are guided by a set of seven values, that shape the DNA of our business.

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we are human and always want to be kind

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security is a top priority for us

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we make the process fun and engaging

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we want our users to grow as well as our team

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less steps, clean UI and help you save time

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we want it to be fair and give everyone an equal chance

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we push the boundaries and dream big


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