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Co-Founder/ Head of Engineering

Rodrigo Santos

About me

Ex Data Lead at Clearscore

Just as I was interviewing remotely to come into the UK, I got into an interview where I could not understand a word from one the interviewers. He is, in fact, British, but, to this day, I still don't know from where exactly. Luckily there were others in the interview that would rephrase his sentences in a way I could understand. I thought I would surely fail after the interview. I guess the task failed successfully for me. I got an offer instead.

The worst interview moment happened before even having a proper one. After a positive quick chat with the recruiter, they seemed eager for a follow-up but ended up rescheduling twice. I chased when they didn’t turn up to the initial interview, but they didn't even apologise. The second time they didn’t show up. Fool me once…

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