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Co-Founder/ Head of Data Science

Joao Leal

About me

Ex AI Lead at Revolut

I was interviewing at a well known tech company. The stage required extensive use of a whiteboard for the duration of the interview for system design. Due to unforeseen circunstances I was stuck last minute in a different country with no access to anything of the sort. I did have duct tape, a broomstick, some white papers and a crappy webcam. I MacGyvered a whiteboard from all of that and passed the interview. I am now a firm believer duct tape fixes everything. (The proper funniest interview moment is unfortunately not E rated)

I reached out to an early stages small startup that was attempting to solve what I thought to be an interesting problem. They immediatly sent an hometask. Hometask contained simulatenously C++, Python, Java, C and a "General Programming" section. Each with multiple challenges. I decided the problem was no longer that interesting.

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