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Leverage soft skill analysis to personalise onboarding, accelerating time to productivity, and improve employee retention.

Quality of Hire Pulse

Review post-hire outcomes and experiences of your hiring managers & new hires to refine areas within the recruitment process.
Some features include:
Powerful Analytics
Customisable Filters
Anonymised Data

Reference Checks

Identify strengths & weaknesses in the soft skills of your new hire, allowing you to customise onboarding and reduce time-to-productivity.
Some features include:
Powerful Analytics
Unlimited Exports

Don't Compromise On Quality

Everything you need, all in one place.
Increased Retention: Equip your team with information about high potential candidates, so you make hire effectively.
Automated Flow: Our platform eliminates much of the administrative work, freeing up time for higher-value activities.
Powerful Insights: Unlock insights into new hires to maximise their performance and time-to-productivity.

Ready to build your dream team?

Onboard hires so they can reach maximum productivity faster.
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