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Capture insights from interviews & feedback from candidates, hiring managers and interviewers, allowing you to deliver great experiences.

Interview Intelligence

Auto-generate AI interview notes and video clip snippets to ensure consistency and eliminate bias. Save time note-taking and waiting for interviewer feedback.
Some features include:
AI Summaries
AI Notetaker
Key highlight snippets
Powerful Analytics
Question Detection
Attribute Detection

Candidate Pulse

Identify areas of improvement across the entire hiring process through the lens of your candidate. Turn feedback into action to retain and decrease candidate drop-off.
Some features include:
cNPS Surveys
Anonymised Data
Customisable Filters

Hiring Team Pulse

Identify areas of support from your hiring team and refine the process. Dive deeper by analysing across locations, teams, and stages.
Some features include:
Interviewer Feedback
Hiring Manager Feedback
Anonymised Data
Customisable Filters

Don't Compromise On Quality

Everything you need, all in one place.
Performance Insights: Complete visibility into candidate performance as well as hiring team effectiveness.
Automated Flow: Our platform eliminates much of the administrative work, freeing up time for higher-value activities.
Predictive Analytics: Identify the best and most diverse talent, while also reducing recruitment costs.

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