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Hire more top talent
Reduce your team’s time hiring by 40% 
Increase employee retention by 10%
Increase DEI in your company immediately

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Interview intelligence

Hassle-free interview process

Screenloop automatically captures your candidate interactions, understands the context and provides you with smart prompts. It helps you to conduct interviews efficiently, so you can focus on what really matters, your candidate.

Features of the product of ScreenLoop, the intelligence platform


Collaborate efficiently with your team

Collaborate, share snippets and provide feedback to your team. Screenloop enables seamless collaboration among recruiters and hiring teams, so you can make the best decision together.

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Talk ratio

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Words per minute

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Company intelligence

Become better with every interview

All relevant interview data in one place. Optimize and analyze your interview style, find patterns and analyze previous video interviews. Screenloop helps you improve your hiring based on data-driven insights.

Your hiring decisions finally based on objective reality, rather than subjective opinions & gut feelings. ScreenLoop.

Increase the number of candidates with our automated smart sourcing tool.

ScreenLoop creates transcripts and highlights during the interview, so you can focus on the candidate. ScreenLoop.

Create great interviews for both your team and the candidate through our interview intelligence platform.

When it's time to make a decision, compare candidates side by side to support your decision. ScreenLoop.

Use our analytics to ensure every hiring manager has the information to make the right call and every hire is set up for success.

Perfect your interview skills with realtime data and prompts as well as team coaching capabilities. ScreenLoop.

Provide you team with real value from references and have this completely automated saving your team hours.

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HR-Tool & ATS integrations

Connect Screenloop with your existing tools

Screenloop integrates with your favourite HR tools to enable a seamless workflow.

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