Customer Story

How Synthesia reduced time-to-hire and ramped new hires 3x faster

“We look at all the success reports and where there are flags around certain areas, we make sure to over-index for those during onboarding.”

The Problem

Hiring globally at an accelerated pace, Synthesia's Head of Talent wanted to introduce technology that would help them maintain the quality of their recruitment processes and decisions, while simultaneously achieving their key recruitment metrics.

Prior to using Screenloop, team members were tasked with collecting references that could take several days, leading top candidates to accept offers elsewhere and have a negatively impacted experience. There was no way to objectively track their quality of hire - a critical metric for forward-looking talent teams.

Manual work saved through automation
by 5 days
Manual work saved through automation

= 50 days

Decrease in time-to-hire

by 5 days

The Solution

The impact was considerable. Synthesia was able to offer an incredible candidate experience by reducing their hiring time by five days, and they retained the best talent in the process. In addition, by adapting onboarding plans for each new hire, they have enabled candidates to ramp up their productivity and performance 3x faster across all teams.

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